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Members may volunteer to monitor in the Metal Shop. A monitoring shift lasts 4 hours in either the morning or afternoon. There is monitoring training available as well as a handbook. Monitors are not expected to be experts on every machine. The primary purpose of monitors is safety. Monitors also handle incoming phone calls, handle payments for material and sign-in new jobs that are brought in by individuals. Monitors also turn on the necessary utilities to get the shop operating in the morning, and turn it off and lock up at night.

There is a schedule for monitors posted on the bulletin board behind the monitors station. Some individuals prefer to  monitor on the same day for several weeks while others prefer to monitor on a fill-in basis. There is no mandatory level of monitoring for members. There is also a shop cleanup activity on Saturday mornings that several members use as their way of volunteering.

It is necessary to keep the shop clean and to repair equipment. Individuals desiring to monitor may sign up at the monitor station.