SCW Metal Club Header Image


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Bulletins and Class Sign-ups Image
  • Bulletins and Class
  • Sign-ups
Club Building Front Image
  • Club Building Front
Club Building Side Image
  • Club Building Side
Club Mascot Image
  • Club Mascot
Drill Presses Image
  • Drill Presses
Executive Parking Image
  • Executive Parking
Monitor Station Image
  • Monitor Station
Plasma Cam Machine Image
  • Plasma Cam Machine
Plasma Navigator Image
  • Plasma Navigator
Sheet Metal Area Image
  • Sheet Metal Area
Si at milling machine Image
  • Si at milling machine
Skip and Dave Image
  • Skip and Dave
Spot Welder Image
  • Spot Welder
The Lockers Image
  • The Lockers
Dee and Bill
  • Dee and Bill
Work Benches Image
  • Work Benches
Tom O'Lear with First Mailbox Image
  • Tom O'Lear with
  • First mailbox